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How to get an ING Debit Card for FREE?

In this post, I will show you the complete process of getting a free ING Debit Card. So let us talk first about the bank itself. ING is also known as Internationale Nederlanden Groep, a Dutch multinational bank that operates in more than 40 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. They are here in the Philippines in the year 1990 as wholesale banking services to international and local corporations. But they became a digital bank in late 2018. They are in the top 30 of the largest universal bank in the Philippines.

ING is best known for providing a higher interest than the traditional banks, FREE financial services (Bank Certificate/Statement, Fund Transfer, Debit Card), and hassle-free registration without going to a bank, just your mobile phone only. Download their app through Google Play or App Store and prepare your valid ID. They only accept 18 years old and above and 3 IDs as of now — Philippine Passport, Driver's License, or UMID. I applied exactly on my 18th birthday (June 29, 2019). 

ING Debit Card is FREE for requesting and delivery. Also, the best part, FREE ATM Withdrawal at any Bancnet ATM. Now, if you are wondering about the BSP advisory regarding ATM charges on April 7, 2021, don't worry since ING will remain FREE as they will shoulder all of the other bank fees. That's how ING is generous to its client.

Here are the step-by-step process on how you can get a free ING Debit Card without further ado.

Be ready with these:

- Verified ING Account (Successful KYC & ID process)

- Opened an ING Pay (this is where your Virtual & Physical Debit Card are stored)

- Updated ING Application (so you can request a free card)

1. Open your ING app, tap on the CARD logo, and swipe to the left to check if you can already request.

2. Tap "Get an ING Pay Debit Card," you will confirm your delivery address and done. Wait for 5 to 7 banking days for the delivery.

3. Voila! I received the package from Entrego, and it took only four banking days here in Cavite.
4. Open it, of course, 😂 And enjoy the most pleasing and most straightforward debit card design. The packaging is also minimalist since there is no unnecessary information like terms and conditions, boring ads, and more. It also looks like a wedding invitation.
5. Prepare the card information and go back to your ING application. Quick trivia, the card has five years of validity.
6. Tap the CARD logo again and tap "Activate Debit Card."

7. Input the last four digits of the card, expiration date, and set your 6-digit pin. Yes, you can select your pin without going to an ATM.

8. Congratulations! Your debit card has been activated. You can now withdraw at any Bancnet ATM, do POS and e-commerce transactions.
9. You can also view the complete card information in the app if you are tired of getting your card 🤣 . You can also temporarily freeze your card for safety purposes, and you can change your pin anytime.
10. That's it! I tried to withdraw at RCBC ATM, and it works perfectly!

That concludes my tutorials and quick review in ING Debit Card. For me, ING is the best digital banking for now since everything you do is free, only the withholding tax. If you lost your card, message their support, and they can replace your card ALL FOR FREE, no more reasons, affidavit of loss, and replacement fee. Please don't abuse it so they can maintain their free services. Digital banking is essential nowadays amidst pandemic. I do recommend ING for students and young professionals. That's all, hoping to see you again on my next blog posts.


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