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BPI Express Start 2021 (19-year-old applicant)

Hi there! This blog post will share my experiences in applying for a BPI Express Start (BPI Secured Credit Card). I will discuss first what does that mean. BPI Express Start is the easiest way to get a BPI Credit Card without any income documents. Yes! It is easy to apply, and you don't need any ITR or business documents to provide since the bank will ask for a holdout deposit, or we can call it as collateral.

This program is best for low-income or first-time earners, with default card/s, freelancers, students, and more! The main reason I applied for it is to build my credit history while still in adolescence. I am only at the age of 19 from the time I apply.

What are the requirements to apply for a credit card via BPI Express Start? 

- Must be at least 18 years old

- Must have a business or residence contact number

- Completely filled out and signed Express Start Application Form

- Completely filled out and signed Deed of Assignment (Blue Form, it is used to authorize BPI for the holdout)

- With BPI ATM-based Savings, Passbook Savings or Time Deposit (you can also apply first if you don't have an existing account)

Available at any BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branch nationwide.

The minimum holdout deposit is ₱10,000 for ATM-based and Passbook Savings while ₱50,000 for Time Deposit. The credit limit is 90% of your holdout deposit.


January 07, 2021 - I went to my branch of account (BOA) at BPI DasmariƱas Pala-Pala to apply for the said program. They asked for the reason for applying, and I said that I want to build my credit score/history while still in adolescence and asked for my age. I said 19. They doubt to accept my application since the minimum age as per their application is 21. I presented some proofs, including the BPI Cards website (LINK), that the minimum age for Express Start is 18. They read all of the conditions from the application form, but there is no age stated. I waited for 20 minutes, then finally, they gave me the application form. After filling it all, they said they will hold my deposit right away and 3 to 4 weeks processing. They will release the holdout if declined. I thought that this is 100% approval. Please note that the holdout deposit is now on the current balance (NOT in the available balance), meaning it will not earn any savings interest anymore.

January 11, 2021 - I called BPI's hotline. Still, the application was not encoded with their system. I am excited even though the process is 3 to 4 weeks.

January 13, 2021 - I received a text message from BPI Cards. It is a welcome message with a delivery timeframe. Wow! I think it is already approved, but I don't still believe so since it does not reflect my online banking yet. But I am super excited about it!

January 14, 2021 - It is already reflected in my BPI Online Banking. I am advised that my application is already approved.

January 15, 2021 - I already received my card from LBC. Wow! It only takes two days from the date of approval. My holdout amount is ₱12,000, but the credit limit I received is only ₱10,000. I am expecting it at around ₱10,800. But I am advised that the credit limit is always rounded down to thousands meaning it is floored to thousands as always. I should hold ₱12,300 for it to become P11,000.

They have instructions on how to activate the card. It is only applicable through text message keyword, and it will take two banking days for activation. You cannot activate your credit card through their hotline if it is only a newly issued card. You can also request to remove holdout and switch your secured to the regular card after one year with just presenting your proof of income from your branch. Moreover, if you want to cancel your card and request removing a holdout from less than a year, you will be charged a ₱1,500 cancellation fee.

That's it! My application from BPI Express Start comes to an end. Luckily, it only took eight days, very far from the staff's estimation (3 to 4 weeks). This secured credit card can help me build my credit history for my future credit card or loan application to become easy and fast approval. But make sure always to take care of your credit card, pay full on time, and be mindful of your purchasing. Always swipe your card if you can pay it. Remember, a credit card is not additional earnings. Thank you for reading my blog, have a great day ahead!


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