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Different Designs of Point of Sale (POS) Systems

In this new generation, technology is already evolving in education, government, industry, and in every individual. The majority of the people are now using mobile phones or any gadgets just to communicate with their family and friends, shopping, or selling online and accessing financial institutions digitally (Silver, 2019). The best way to gain money nowadays is to start a business, but how to manage the daily inventories, sales report, employees, customer loyalty, and taxes more easily? Presenting, Point of Sale (POS) System.
Point of Sale (POS) is the place where the customer pays in the shop for goods or services. Simply put, they complete a point of sale transaction each time a customer makes a purchase at the shop. With this technological advancement, it improves a merchant’s chances of success by providing them with tools to streamline business processes. (Grullon, 2019)
According to, there are different designs or types to choose from – mobile POS, tablet POS, terminal POS, online POS, and self-service kiosk POS. Mobile POS providers can process payments and handle information about inventories and customers. The application is always free in return for the collection of payments.  Most payment providers give credit card reader free of charge. This is best for a business that does not manage a lot of inventory, it will work with a portable receipt printer or send email receipts directly from the device to the clients.
Tablet POS is becoming increasingly popular as they require only a minimal upfront investment and sometimes it is allowed in a personal device. Some tablet POS providers are "free" with credit card processing fee; others may require a small monthly subscription fee but allows to select credit card processor like Paymaya Touch. It can also support hardware including barcode readers, cash drawers, and tablet stands.
Terminal POS is mostly used in large businesses and placed at the counter. Mostly, they require internet access to process orders that are directly connected to a secure cloud server. POS providers sold them in an all-in-one package including barcode scanners, cash drawers, and alike with merchant support. This also makes it easy to limit internet access for their employees, as they can be programmed to run the POS program only. These can be combined kitchen printers, tableside ordering, and online ordering for restaurant solutions.
Online POS works on a personal laptop or computer and even in mobile phones and tablets with internet access. This is best for small businesses and POS providers offer only a low capital which already includes cloud POS to track customers, inventory, and sales. On the other side, it will not work if there is no internet connection.
Lastly, the Self-service kiosk POS, mostly they are customized based on a purpose. For example, it may be used for patrons to buy for a movie ticket or for handling time and payments for parking spaces. In supermarkets or other large retail stores, having a price checker machine in the most visited sections is a plus point for the customers. Recently, the Golden Arches Development Corporation or also known as McDonald's Philippines introduces NXTGEN where a new store format equipped with a multi-point service system that enables a fast, convenient, and seamless experience. The customers just tap on the screen and they can use a credit or debit card to pay for their orders.
Every design of the Point of Sale (POS) system has its specialized features depends on the business involved. But most importantly, the main four features must always be seen in POS systems including inventory, sales reporting, employee management, and customer management. It can easily choose between the five once the needs and budgets were set.
Every designs of Point of Sale (POS) system has their own specialized features depends on the business involved. But most importantly, the main four features must always be seen in POS systems including inventory, sales reporting, employee management and customer management. It can easily choose between the five once the needs and budgets was set.

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