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Common MCQ in Science, Technology and Society

Hello there, I just want to share the common Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) in the subject Science, Technology and Society (STS). There are 61 questions here, you can use your search tool or Ctrl+F to locate the question easily.

1. Which philosophy states that we need material things in order to achieve happiness?
a. Stoicism
b. Humanism
c. Materialism 
d. Hedonism

2. The following is true about information except:
a. Information should be complete.
b. Up-to-date information is more accurate.
c. It’s best to select several sources of information.
d. There are no risks associated with information.

3. The following is true about biodiversity except:
a. Loss of biodiversity does not affect the environment.
b. Biodiversity is important for the ecosystem.
c. Pollution affects biodiversity.
d. Climate change contributes to loss of biodiversity.

4. Which among the following believes that man can control his own destiny by making his own laws and that man can guide himself without a god?
a. Stoicism
b. Humanism 
c. Materialism
d. Hedonism

5. The following is true about food insecurity except:
a. There’s an urgent need for food production.
b. Is a result of the growing population.
c. Cannot be caused by war.
d. Food insecurity is a problem worldwide.

6. Which article in the UDHR bans slavery and torture?
a. 1&7
b. 3&9
c. 4&5 
d. 5&25

7. The following is true about the UDHR except:
a. It’s considered a milestone document in the history of human rights.
b. It was proclaimed on December 10th, 1948.
c. It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris.
d. Not everyone is entitled to these rights.

8. Which among the following believes that happiness is reached by being apathetic having a peaceful life free from passion?
a. Stoicism 
b. Humanism
c. Materialism
d. Hedonism

9. Which article in the UDHR gives the right of recognition before the law?
a. 3
b. 6 
c. 9
d. 11

10. The following is true about AI (artificial intelligence. except:
a. It processes information on its own without human intervention.
b. It excludes game playing.
c. Service robots are examples of AI.
d. Unemployment is the biggest concern in AI.

11. Some technological advancement that they predict are the following except:
a. anti-technology backlash
b. smart houses
c. smart shoes
d. more stores for shopping

12. The following is true about the information age except:
a. It’s sometimes called the digital age.
b. It started in the 1980s.
c. James Messenger suggested a theory of information age.
d. It’s sometimes called the new media age.

13. The following is true about wearable computers except:
a. They can be placed in cellphones.
b. They can be placed in watches.
c. They can have a small database.
d. They are used for mainframe.

14. The internet was developed in:
a. 1940
b. 1890
c. 1970 
d. 1999

15. The following risks associated with the internet except:
a. Along with the internet, came cybercrimes.
b. There was an increase in cyberbullying.
c. Individuals privacy are compromised.
d. There is no technological gap.

16. Alethia, reveals:
a. enframing
b. the truth 
c. poesis
d. techne

17. Which of the following is true about Nicholas Carr’s opinion?
a. There is a gap between rich and poor.
b. GMO enables researchers to identify diseases.
c. We are becoming too reliant on computers.
d. The digital market was helpful for small companies.

18. According to Aristotle, happiness is?
a. Eudamonia 
b. The good life
c. Alethia
d. Phronesis

19. Who started the theory of the information age?
a. Newton
b. Robert Harris
c. James R. Messenger 
d. Nicholas Carr

20. The following are examples of sustainable actions except:
a. Buying sustainable products from local farmers.
b. Recycling, the 3Rs
c. Overfishing
d. Protecting endangered species.

21. Das Gestell means:
a. The framework 
b. bringing forth
c. challenging forth
d. means

22. The following is true about a service robot EXCEPT:
a. It can be used for professional use
b. It can be used for personal use
c. It has a degree of autonomy and perform daily tasks of humans
d. It has a degree of autonomy and is useful in industrial automation

23. Supercomputers are ________ computers.
a. Servers
b. Mainframe 
c. Personal
d. Wearable

24. The problem with enframing is that it tends to:
a. Reveals the truth
b. Be the standing reserve
c. Gives knowledge
d. Blocks poesis

25. Sergey Brin and L. Page worked on:
a. Robotics
b. Social technology
c. Search Engine 
d. The internet

26. Magnanimity is the virtue of being _________ and heart and soul.
a. great in mind 
b. prudent
c. wise
d. passionate

27. The field of bioinformatics is useful for the ________ industry.
a. graphic design
b. pharmaceutical 
c. businessd. computer

28. When technology is used as an instrument, it’s seen as a __________.
a. causa efficiens
b. means to an end 
c. causa finalis
d. poesis

29. With Uniprot, it was easier to find proteins, because it contained information about proteins ________.
a. structure
b. accession ids 
c. function
d. modeling

30. For Heidegger, modern technology has switched into a/an _________ for future use.
a. instrument
b. inspiration
c. standing reserve 
d. setting-upon

31. What is the main problem with AI and robotics?
a. Unemployment 
b. technological gap
c. generation gap
d. policies

32. Enframing is seen as the gathering together, people seek ______ even if it can prevent revealing.
a. security 
b. gadget
c. business
d. poesis

33. Which of the following do we need to know when checking the reliability of a website?
a. Who published the site, who is the author?
b. The biography of the author or ‘Contact us’.
c. The objective, and intended audience.
d. All of the above

34. Human activity is synonym to:
a. instrument
b. anthropological 
c. robotics
d. techne

35. The following are what causes loss of biodiversity except:
a. Destruction of habitat
b. Human health 
c. Human activities
d. Overfishing

36. life of mere survival is also called:
a. awareness state
b. sleep-wake
c. vegetative state 
d. coma

37. What is the German word for ‘Environment’?
a. Aiten
b. Umwelt 
c. Vershuldet
d. Formalis

38. According to Heidegger, refusing technology is not a solution but instead we should try to perceive its ______.
a. potential
b. danger 
c. benefit
d. solutions

39. The booming population, the price hike and climate change are the causes of _________ in the world.
a. food insecurity 
b. overpopulation
c. over consumption
d. urban problems

40. According to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, wisdom and a virtuous life, would lead to happiness. Piety was considered according to Plato a quality of good moral. In piety, for example, for the Christian believer, faith is obedience and _________.
a. courage
b. wisdom
c. submission 
d. friendship

41. Technology influenced and made major changes in:
a. Education
b. Workplace
c. Homes
d. All of the above

42. A German word for ‘being there’:
a. Umwelt
b. Dasein 
c. Vershuldet
d. Gestell

43. Vershuldet means to which something is __________.
a. Indebted 
b. Needed
c. Used
d. Created

44. One of the problems with distance learning is:
a. software
b. the credentials 
c. simulations
d. virtual reality

45. What the Greek call truth in technology as a way of revealing is _________ forth.
a. challenging
b. creating
c. opposing
d. bringing

46. In which field do we see the most of gender inequality?
a. arts
b. science 
c. humanities
d. business

47. What mirrors the development of STS is the __________ of human civilization.
a. modernization
b. innovation
c. progress 
d. creativity

48. Women scientists in Europe represent about:
a. 30% 
b. 10%
c. 40%
d. 50%

49. The UDHR preamble, recognizes______ and equal rights “of all members of the human family as
the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.
a. freedom
b. value
c. dignity
d. brotherhood

50. The following statements are true except:
a. The number of female researchers has improved over the last 10 years in Europe.
b. There is a gender pay gap between men and women.
c. In some countries the proportion of women researchers is higher than 30%
d. There are no obstacles in research positions for women.

51. What’s the name of the philosophical inquiry that Aristotle worked on?
a. Almagest
b. Theory of Evolution
c. Nicomachean Ethics
d. The 4 causes

52. Before it was widely used, the internet intended for war purposes then it was mostly used for ________.
a. education
b. businesses
c. scientists 
d. artists

53. Being neither a liar nor blunt?
a. friendly
b. truthful 
c. prudent
d. polite

54. It means being neither clinging nor cold:
a. friendly 
b. wisdom
c. wit
d. magnificence

55. What is the main objective of the UN’s SDG?
a. Growth
b. Eradicate poverty
c. Reduce consumption
d. Fight climate change

56. Peter Edward argues that:
a. ‘Poor countries need to catch up with rich ones’
b. ‘Rich countries need to catch down to poor ones’
c. ‘Poor countries need to consume more’
d. ‘Rich countries need to consume more’.

57. In Hickel’s article, what is the standardized unit used to measure resource use and waste:
a. miles
b. global hectares 
c. GDP
d. acres

58. The idea of ‘_____________’ economics is a step in the right direction. Because negative
formulations are not the answers.
a. steady-state 
b. progress
c. catch-up
d. catch-down

59. The following are recommended actions in order to reduce consumption except:
a. Banning ads
b. Basic income
c. Shorter working week
d. Composting

60. According to the article, we are overshooting our planet’s bio-capacity by more than:
a. 10%
b. 30%
c. 40%
d. 50%

61. Who plays an important role in digital literacy?
a. Students
b. Politicians
c. Teachers 
d. The media


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