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Unity Dance Practice

This long weekend, it is Saturday, 2nd of September, 2017. I created a vlog about Unity Dance Practice. To understand further, please watch my video above.

In the early morning, I and my friends met first at Immaculate Conception Academy – South Campus before we went to practice. From there, I introduce myself and my friends, then I explain what is Unity Dance all about.

ICA Unity Dance is a dance of almost all Icanian from Junior High School to Senior High School in all campuses, from North, South, East, West, and Plaza, we collaborate in one dance. My friend said that this is the first unity dance of ICA. The song to be used is Beautiful Life by Sasha Lopez.

In the video, I time lapsed our trip from ICA South to Emilio Aguinaldo College – DasmariƱas. When you noticed in the video, I censored my voice while speaking, never mind that because it is only a best friend word.

At the EAC Open Field, we stand at the pattern to form 70. To be honest, it’s too hot there and we stand there for almost 2 hours. But as an Icanian, you should cooperate for that. Lesson learned that, when you go outside, don’t forget to bring an umbrella always.

On the other hand, the practice of Unity Dance is suspended. I don’t know what happened, maybe lacking time because the allotted time only for our practice is from 7 AM to 12 PM.

That’s all, thank you for reading my blog and watching my vlog. See you next time!

DISCLAIMER: This post is a backup copy from my previous blogging site.


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